For Some Reason, This Handyman Appears To Be Taking His Time

If you were faced with a real and critical emergency and you dialled up for a handyman to come to your rescue. And instead of arriving within the hour (at the least) as advertised or promised, he arrives four to six hours later, then he’s not your handyman. Doesn’t qualify.  He already failed the test as an essential services provider. But should you be faced with a handyman in arvada co who is taking  his time in this manner.

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Then you should have nothing to worry about. You should be so pleased, actually. There is a good reason why this handyman is taking his time. And it doesn’t mean to say that he has nothing better to do other than to ‘waste your time’. Not for nothing is the job application referred to or praised as ‘meticulous attention to detail’. That way there are also no job repeats. So then. No time wasted, actually. And no money wasted either.   

And is this customer-centric application not the custom. Should there ever be the slight mischance that an (human) error has been committed then have no fear. You do not pay for mistakes made. And furthermore, it is now good policy to not charge customers like yourself by the hour. You are expected to only pay a flat fee for services rendered. So then, if the clock appears to be ticking, then you should have nothing to worry about.

But if this is your handyman from now on, then you should be able to look forward to him showing up on time.  He comes to your door at the time he said he would, give or take ten, twenty minutes. Because there’s no telling what the traffic’s going to be like.