5 Tips for First-Time Strip Club Goers

So you are headed out to the strip club this weekend and want to make sure you have a memorable time. There are many things that you can do to ensure your time at the strip club in Seattle is all that it should be and more. As a first timer, you likely have questions. We have answers. The tips below can help first timers have an exceptional time at the strip club.

1- Don’t Forget to Tip

Bring single dollar bills to the strip club with you, but set a budget. You will keep the strippers happy and the fun alive if you tip. Not only should you tip strippers, but also bartenders and DJs as well.

2- Don’t Haggle

One of the things that will get you kicked out of the club fast is to haggle the dancers. If a lady says a lap dance is a certain price, that price is what it is. Don’t try to get deals. This is not a BOGO offer.

3- Keep Your Hands to Yourself

It shouldn’t be surprising to learn that you cannot touch the dancers. You may want to touch the dancers and may even feel that you have made some sort of connection but don’t make the mistake of touching.

4- Try the Food

Clubs have pretty good food available at the bar along with those tasty drinks. If you get an appetite try an appetizer or go for a full meal if you feel special. The food tastes good and will keep the mood going.

5- Put Your Phone Away

If you are on your phone the entire time you are at the strip club you cannot possibly have a good time. The dancers will ignore you the same way that you ignore them to make matters even worse. Just don’t do it.